The boiling water, the sizzle of the onion in the sauce, the browning of bread, the softness of meat: the kitchen is the cook’s studio and there we find their tools. The dishes are their artworks, the aromas and scents are their palette.


We have studied and spent a lot of time to observe the cooks and discuss with them, creating unique masterpieces of knowledge and heat: Yesovens ovens.


The best control at all times.

The complete range of control panels, the two different steam systems (direct injection and with boiler) allow to obtain steam under every condition, the self-washing system with 3 cleaning programs, all these features allow to the most demanding chef as well as the beginner operator in a restaurant to easily achieve the best cooking results.


Inimitable performance for professional baker.

The important availability of thermal inertia , the immediate supply of steam and its elimination, the complete visibility inside the oven and the efficient extraction system: the perfect oven for professional bakers.


Excellent performances.

The possibility to change fan speed, the thermal exchange accuracy, the use of preset recipes and the friendly and easy access always guarantee to the pastry chef to present food in the greatest way.