A performing and competitive product range

for all your requirements.


Our team of consultants, in direct contact with customers and end users of our products, is constantly interfaced with the research and development department to ensure that all requirements and needs can become really usable.



The molded cooking chamber is in stainless AISI 304 airtight steel. The rounded structure is without sharpe edges and junctions and grants the highest hygiene standards compliant with HACCP regulations; reliability, durability in time and an extreme easiness in cleaning operations. For the most demanding users, it is also available in stainless steel AISI 316.



All products are equipped with specific functions which are divided into different and various lines, from the most automatic to the very particular ones that are available in special cycle programs, to be used in every situation and be ready to satisfy the multiple needs of users of different geographic areas.



In every product configuration the respective control panels allow to manage in the best way the technologies available and to manage independently cooking from the first use in a intuitive and customizable way. Available in mechanical, digital and high resolution 7” touchscreen version.



The climate control is engineered to reduce considerably the operating costs and maximise the cooking performances. Additionally, the SCS technology and the humidity forced extraction from the chamber will ensure a total and precise control of the cooking process, in a intuitive and automatic way. With YESOVENS, technology is not anymore what will limit your achievements.



State-of-art atmospheric-gas burner with 4 special corrugated tubes heat exchangers and equipped with
internal turbulators to maximize the heat exchange. Compliant with G20/G30 Gas.



Every product of the range is made in Italy and produced in our plants, with a unique design and extremely high attention to every little detail. Our products are projected for those who don’t only see in their oven a simple tool, but the heart of the kitchen. Made to the highest standards for the contemporary kitchen.



Special detergent with rinse action which has been specifically studied by our team of engineers to optimize washing cycles in an efficient way and to grant highly reduced operation- time and costs. To complete the system a detergent / rinse tank or retractable shower can be integrated in the oven to preserve valuable space in the kitchen.



The lateral USB port, where equipped, allows to save your precious recipes in a database that can be transfered to another unit or to update firmware and related parameters.